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X-Men On-Screen Universe Grows in The Gifted Series Trailer


On the back of Legion’s success, Fox has another TV show on the way to leverage their ever-expanding X-Men lineup with The Gifted. The first trailer sets up the story of the Strucker family, whose kids have mutant powers, and makes direct reference to the X-Men and Brotherhood of Mutants.

The X-Men movies themselves haven’t been as overly concerned about continuity and fitting together as, say, Marvel’s offerings, so just how The Gifted fits in probably isn’t too important. It does seem, though, that the show’s world is fairly aware of mutants and the X-Men, with the trailer’s mention of them hinting that they might be old news—and possibly disbanded—by now. It also seems like the father of the family, Reed Strucker, is somehow involved in hunting down mutants and that some early sentinel-like technology may be involved, adding to the feel that this story takes place a little ways into the mutant future.

Speaking to Cnet, showrunner Matt Nix explained that the show’s perspective would be more of an outsider’s view of the X-Men universe, showing how things look from the perspective of everyday people within that world and how it affects them. He added, “It’s also, I’d say, a more intimate story, in the sense that’s what television does well. So I’d say it also explores issues surrounding mutants and what that experience is in a way that’s hard to do in a two-hour movie because [a movie] needs to move very quickly and needs to get to big action.”

The Gifted is expected to debut in the fall of 2017 on Fox.

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