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The Flash Mob: “Invasion” Didn’t Deliver the Superhero Dream Team We Hoped For

It’s that time of the week again—your open The Flash discussion thread! The rules are simple: Two people enter, one person leaves—wait, no. Just make sure you’ve seen the episode before diving right in because there be spoilers in these parts. Ye have been warned.

It’s Day Two of the Berlantiverse’s mega four-show superhero crossover  event and things…are not well. When a spaceship crash lands on Earth, Barry is suddenly confronted with the realization that aliens do exist in his universe and they are really creepy. These lanky creatures known as Dominators send a recon team to study our human ways, while delivering the “We aren’t here to harm so stay in your lane or we’ll retaliate” message you just know is wholly untrue.

Meanwhile, Cisco is still upset with Barry (rightfully so) and takes every opportunity to throw the darkest of shade. Remember his “Well, I trust Oliver” moment? SHAAAADY. But he chooses to work with Barry for the greater good because that’s what heroes do. Still wondering why we’re not taking advantage of Caitlin Snow’s new powers. I mean, sure she might turn evil but they’d be so helpful in this situation. Besides, they can always knock her out and bring her back to the light when this is all over…maybe?

Anyway, Barry and Cisco (is their mashup name Bisco then?) recruit Kara from Earth 38 to a super secret location where the crews from Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow are waiting for instructions. Can I just say that Ollie is much more tolerable when he’s standing next to Supergirl? Now I just need a spinoff where Barry and Kara are BFF’s and Oliver Queen is the grumpy old father figure shaking his fists in every scene.

Cut to the most wonderfully satisfying montage of everyone groaning in agony as Supergirl, bubbly grin and all, hovers above in triumph. Spoiler alert: she kicks ass. I assumed this would be a fun get-together but then a message from Future Barry dampens the whole party and the team now has to deal with the fact that he changed all of their lives to find his own happy ending. I came for the Dream Team and got a splintered mess instead. Not cool.

But we did get some cool action sequences including a fight between The Flash and a mind-controlled Supergirl so that was neat. Not so fun? Seeing Wally West eagerly throw himself into danger once again, this time with Grumpy Old Man Arrow literally having to carry his dead weight. How many times does someone have to tell him to wait? Listen to your father Joe, sister Iris and the prophet Tyra Banks: Learn from this. 

Overall, I thought it was a fast-paced episode that got a bit sloppy trying to fit all these storylines in one place. But I had fun and was not expecting half the team to get abducted in the end. What did you all think? Let me know in the comments!

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