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Things We Saw Today: Tom Holland and Chris Evans and Serial Killers?!?!?!? Take My Money!!!


Spider-Man and Captain America fight in Civil War

Spider-Man? Captain America? Pennywise the Dancing Clown? Alice in Wonderland? Cedric Diggory? Serial killers? A dream! In Netflix’s upcoming The Devil All The Time, the two Captain America: Civil War stars will be part of a “midwestern gothic” piece following an odd array of people for over twenty years.

Can we hope that Evans and Holland are the serial killing couple?

The novel the project is based on is by Donald Ray Pollock, and is “set in the violent soul-numbing towns of southern Ohio and West Virginia,” according to Publisher’s Weekly. The Netflix film will be directed by Antonio Campos.

In all honesty, I’m mainly interested in this serial killing couple, because serial killers? Yes please, sign me up. Chances are we’ll see Evans take on a detective again (like his time on Broadway in Lobby Hero) but a girl can hope, right?

Maybe this is why subscription prices are going up at Netflix—they’re pulling in the A-listers and keeping us glued to our couches to watch all this new content. Whatever, we’re here for it and I’m going to watch The Devil All The Time like my life depends on it.

(via Nerdist; images: Marvel Entertainment)

  • Greg Daniels and Steve Carell are uniting again for Space Force, and our The Office-loving hearts are alive. (via The Verge)
  • There was one Kilmonger line deleted from Black Panther that would have completely changed the ending. (via Comic Book)
  • T-Mobile announces a merger that needed Trump administration approval and then … the next day, they had rooms at his hotel …(via The Washington Post)
  • A female critic got death threats for publicly disliking Aquaman. (via Huffington Post)

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