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4 Podcasts That Will Wrap You in a Blanket of Good Vibes While the World Crumbles Around You

5 Best Podcasts

Confession: there was once a time when I didn’t listen to any podcast. Not a single one. I’m not talking back back before everyone you knew had a podcast; I’m talking post-Serial days, but once I finally jumped on the bandwagon, everything changed. Instead of music, I’ll throw on a podcast and walk through the streets of New York City and unwind. The podcasts on this list are ones that act as the soundtrack to my life—because they’re constantly playing in the background. 

These days, every morning presents a brand new shit storm and a handful of new anxieties, so sometimes you just need to tune out the noise with some smooth podcasting. These podcasts always make me laugh, make me feel good, calm me, and teach me new things. So, away we go.

Pete Holmes Podcast You Made It Weird Nerdist


You Made It Weird With Pete Holmes

Listening to You Made It Weird is like eavesdropping on a conversation. Imagine it’s 10 pm and there’s two people at the bar next to you sharing their lives, chatting spirituality, letting go of their fears and anxieties. That’s You made It Weird. What started as Holmes talking to his comedian friends has turned into something way more special. He somehow manages to speak to each guest like they’re his closest friend, and what separates it from the pack is that it’s not just an interview podcast; Holmes divulges as much about himself as his guests do. I love listening to You Made It Weird because everyone comes off as unrehearsed and transparent, so listeners get to connect and find common ground with Holmes and his guests.

Spilled Milk Podcast

(Spilled Milk)

Spilled Milk

Okay, I love Spilled Milk. Actually, it’s only recently that I was turned on to this “comedy show about food,” but I’m already obsessed. In each episode, writers/comedians Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton pick a food topic like “Scallions” or “Still Water” and take a deep dive, but usually, it’s a mixed bag of non sequiturs, and I can’t get enough of it. Just listen to how far they take “Coconut Oil.”

Hannah Hart Podcast Hannahlyze This



Are you on the Hannah Hart train? I started watching My Drunk Kitchen years ago, and I’ve since become a devout Harto. In this podcast, Hart and her friend Hannah Gelb team up to discuss whatever’s plaguing them. From “Bad Therapy” to the “Benefits of Video Games,” HANNAHLYZE THIS covers it all. Part of the allure of My Drunk Kitchen—aside from the hilarity—is that each episode has a message. Hart has become more than just My Drunk Kitchen; I would venture to say that her YouTube channel is a lot less of that these days and a lot more of talking about personal experiences like coming out. HANNAHLYZE THIS really branches off of that side of Hart’s channel, and it’s great to listen to.

Pheobe Robinson So Many White Guys Podcast

So Many White Guys

The world didn’t deserve 2 Dope Queens, and then it won the lottery twice and got another Pheobe Robinson podcast. So Many White Guys is just fun, but more than that, I love the idea of having a bunch of guests who aren’t white men, and then a token white man. It totally flips the usual dynamic in a way that is so clever, and on top of all that, Broad City’s Ilana Glazer checks in at the end of every episode. Honestly, if you’re not satisfied with all that, there’s no pleasing you.

There you have it, four very awesome podcasts for you to sink your ears(?) into. Maybe you have your own for when you need to soothe anxiety or just feel good—share them in the comments!

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