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We Have First Set Pics From The Batman and the Internet Has … Thoughts

His name is Bruce Wayne. I have a dream about him.

Robert Pattinson The Batman chest logo suit reveal.

I’ll try to keep the references to “Teenage Dirtbag” to a minimum, but I make no promises, because it’s constantly in a loop in my head whenever I think about director Matt Reeves’ The Batman. A movie that is my last hope for a Batman movie where Bruce Wayne is actually the World’s Greatest Detective, The Batman gives me major dirtbag energy, and thus, this is not my fault.

Anyway, set pictures of Battinson on a motorcycle were released today, and I felt my soul leave my body. It’s sad because he doesn’t know who I am. And he doesn’t give a damn about me.

It makes sense that these videos are now out in the world because Reeves recently pulled back the curtain with a “camera test” for the film, giving us a look at the Batsuit.

That probably happened because he knew there’d soon be set pictures out and about. My favorite thing about them is that the stunt man has CGI dots all over his face so they can CGI in Robert Pattinson’s chin (presumably). I, personally, love to see it.

What it has done though is spawn our excitement online once more. Clearly I’m not alone in my love of Dirtbag Batman.

I have to say, 2005 me who was in love with Cedric Diggory feels justified. All these years of loving Robert Pattinson, and now we’re getting what looks to be the best Batman movie with him? Never let your dreams die, kids. Always dream on.

Hopefully, Battinson will listen to Iron Maiden, maybe. (I’m sorry, I said I’d keep the “Teenage Dirtbag” jokes to a minimum, but I couldn’t do it.)

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