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He Will Be Vengeance During Spring as The Batman Moves to a March 2022 Release


Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne in the Batman

The Batman, originally meant to kick off the spooky season of 2021, has now been pushed to spring of 2022, which is not ideal in any way. How am I supposed to feel spooky in MARCH?! The move comes with Denis Villeneuve’s Dune taking the October 2021 slot as all theatrical movie releases shuffle around yet again because no one is going to movie theaters. And you know what? Dune doesn’t need to be spooky!!! It could move to March!!!! I want my Spooky Bruce Wayne, damnit!

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The announcement that The Batman was moving to 2022 came with a reshuffling of the entire Warner Bros. schedule. Both The Flash and Shazam 2 have shifted their dates (with Shazam 2 moving to 2023), and Black Adam has been taken off the schedule completely. (We’re still going to get Black Adam. The question is just when we’re going to get it.)

Sadly though, the move isn’t that surprising. With every movie (essentially) in 2020 falling out of its original release date, studios have had to adjust their entire schedules, which means pushing some movies into an entirely different year. I had just hoped, in my Halloween-loving heart, that I would get spooky Batman no matter what, but alas, now I will have to drag people to see him during the Easter season.

And, currently, Wonder Woman 1984 is the only Warner Bros. movie sticking out 2020, but let’s be real: Diana Prince is going to end up back in the time of year she was intended for, just in 2021 instead of 2020, and this year is literally going to be a wash. And guess what? That’s what should have happened from the start instead of this constant change in the schedule (especially when coronavirus cases were not going down).

So … basically everything moving to their original dates but a year later? It’s sadly what I wish they would have done from the beginning. We should have known that this wouldn’t be a quick thing, at least not with this current administration, so now we went through a year of “Oh boy, when are they going to push Wonder Woman 1984 back again?” just for all these movies to get new dates.

And now, I have to suffer the consequences and I lose my spooky Batman because Americans couldn’t wear masks. I will have my vengeance! Spooky Batman is all I wanted, but now he has to rise like Jesus Christ in the spring, and while not as FITTING, I’ll take it. But know that I’m mad that my spooky Batman has moved.

(image: Warner Bros.)

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