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The 10 Best Witchy Gifts for Your Favorite Magic Maker

Have a special witch in your life? Trying to find something to get them for the holidays? Never fear! We’ve gathered up ten great ideas for witchy gifts. Whether it’s a book, a spell kit, or an experience, these gifts for witches will please even the hardest-to-shop-for witch.

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Taschen’s Witchcraft (The Library of Esoterica), edited by Jessica Hundley and Pam Grossman

Cover of Taschen's Witchcraft by Pam Grossman

If you’re looking for a gorgeous witchy art book written by a leading expert on contemporary witchcraft, Taschen’s Witchcraft is the one to get. This book contains sumptuous paintings of witches, sorceresses, and other magical figures throughout history, with commentary from Pam Grossman, author of Waking the Witch. Be sure to check out the rest of the titles in Taschen’s Library of Esoterica, too.

Fifth Spirit Tarot by Charlie Claire Burgess

Cards from the Fifth Spirit Tarot laid out against a white background.
(Hay House Inc.)

With tarot more popular than ever before, there’s no shortage of beautiful decks created by diverse artists and practitioners. One such deck is Fifth Spirit Tarot by Charlie Claire Burgess, author of Radical Tarot. Fifth Spirit Tarot queers the traditional major and minor arcana, blurring gender binaries and challenging preconceived notions of kings, queens, empresses, and emperors. This deck is a must-have.

White Magic by Elissa Washuta

Cover of White Magic by Elissa Washuta
(Tin House Books)

There are lots of witchy memoirs out there, but Elissa Washuta’s White Magic is one of the best. A member of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe and a practicing witch, Washuta explores colonization, cultural appropriation, addiction, mental health, and more in this critically acclaimed work.

A Mountain Rose Herbs gift certificate

If your witch is a practicing herbalist—or if they even just dabble in herbalism—then a gift certificate to Mountain Rose Herbs will make their day. Mountain Rose is one of the premier suppliers of ethically sourced bulk herbs and spices, along with waxes, butters, clays, bottles, tea strainers, how-to guides, and other herbalism supplies. From acacia to yucca root, they’ve got it all.

A 2024 witchy almanac or planner

Even the freest spirit has to stay organized sometimes, and what better way to do it than a witchy planner? These planners aren’t just pretty—they contain useful information like astrological phases and the dates and times of full moons. The planner pictured above is The 2024 Witch’s Yearly Planner by Melissa Jayne Madara, author of The Witch’s Feast. You can also check out these others:

Blood Sex Magic by Bri Luna

Cover of Blood Sex Magic by Bri Luna

Blood Sex Magic, a new combination grimoire and memoir by the Hoodwitch herself, contains spells and stories that draw from Bri Luna’s Mexican and African American roots. Divided into three sections—blood, sex, and magic—Blood Sex Magic contains lots of wisdom and lore for the modern witch.

A magical bath

A bath isn’t just a way to relax and rejuvenate. It can also serve as a spiritual cleanse, with herbs and other ingredients to get rid of that pesky metaphysical grime. Witch Baby Soap offers bath bombs and other supplies for relaxing baths, while Ritual Cravt sells magical bath kits that can be used for spells and rituals.

A handmade broom

A figure in a black cloak, black witch's hat, and broom walks through the forest.
(Monstera, via

The witch’s broom, sometimes called a besom, is an indispensable tool for many traditions of witchcraft. Whether you’re using it to cleanse ritual space or hitch a ride to the Sabbat, a handmade broom is much better than anything you’ll find at the hardware store. Check out Hearthcraft Brooms, run by artist and artisan Alyssa Blackwell, who sells custom brooms and other treasures.

A spell kit

A pair of hands shuffles tarot cards over a black tablecloth with candles.
(Mikhail Nilov via

Sometimes, you’ve got to gather the ingredients for a spell yourself. Other times, it’s nice to have everything gathered for you! A spell kit is a lovely gift for a witch who’s working towards a goal, but might not have the time to do everything themselves. Check out Ritualcravt’s spell kits, which include supplies for love, road opening, house cleansing, and more. Haus of Hoodoo sells fixed candles with a wide array of intentions.

Something, anything, from Cat Coven

No witchy gift list would be complete without a plug for Cat Coven, run by artist Kjersti Faret, who adorns clothing, prints, patches, stickers, housewares, and more with her iconic medieval woodcut-style artwork. Whether you’re looking for an astrological-themed print for your wall or a dress to wear to your next renaissance faire, Faret’s got it.

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