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It Was Thanksgiving on the Internet, Too: A Webcomics Roundup

While it’s always great to take some time off to see our real life families, we’re geeks, and we tend to run off immediately afterward to reconnect with our electronic lives.  In that spirit, we’ve prepared a round up of this year’s Thanksgiving webcomics from around the ‘tubes.

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1. PVP‘s offering can be partially seen above, the whole thing can be found here.

2. Penny Arcade‘s ongoing bout with Thanksgiving-themed dread continuity starts here.

3. Like most Questionable Content strips, this one really only makes sense if you’ve been reading every strip for the last three years.

4. The Joy of Tech proves the premise of this post here.

5. Loldwell prepared a handy chart.

6. Doghouse Diaries does the best work of humor: identifying an emotion or idea that we’ve had, unknowingly, for years.

7. Buttersafe gives us a parable of Thanksgiving bravery, sacrifice, and friendship.

8. And it wouldn’t really feel like the holiday without a Shortpacked tribute to harried retail workers everywhere.

Bonus Extra Not At All About Thanksgiving Webcomic PSA In Case You Didin’t Notice

You can click on today’s XKCD to see the exhibits in the Troll Dad Museum.

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