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Thankfully, Most of The Internet Is Disgusted at T.I. Policing His Daughter’s Hymen

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The internet is still dealing with the information that rapper T.I. invades his daughter’s privacy by asking her doctor to inform him of whether or not her hymen is broken every year. He not only does this but feels it is a such a normal thing to do that he had no problem sharing that information as if it was a charming anecdote. Thankfully, most people have called out his statements and behavior for the abusive and patriarchal nonsense that it is, from everyday people to celebrities.

While his daughter has not made any official statements yet, her Twitter has been a little shady, since she liked a post calling out what this kind of behavior is.

I have certainly enjoyed the jokes about “What is a hymen?” At the same time, I think this has also been, for many, a reminder of the dark double standards that exist between men and women in terms of sexuality. I remember my own father being very concerned about the idea that I might be having sex at a young age, in contrast to how my brother was treated, and while he never was a T.I. (and my mother would never have allowed him to be), the fact that a mentality exists that says a father has the right to behave that way is gross.

Like this alleged human being:

Things like purity balls are simply an extension of these statements, and the fact is that virginity is a myth and maybe if some people spent less time worrying about whether their daughters are having sex and more time teaching their daughters to have healthy intimate lives, it would be a whole lot better.

We can joke about it, but what T.I. is doing is abusive and disturbing, and hopefully now that he is being shamed, someone close will tell him to stop. Hopefully.

Alright, now we can have the jokes.

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