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Thank God, Taika Waititi’s ‘Dads on Tour’ Is Back

Taika holding up peace signs at comic con

There are few things that give me joy in the way that Taika Waititi’s Dads on Tour videos do. The first “season” of them featured Waititi going around New Zealand and hitting tourist spots with his kids, which ended up with Waititi having the time of his life and both of his daughters rolling their eyes at him. Now, it seems as if the second season of Dads on Tour has a new location and a new arc. (Can we consider Dads on Tour to have an arc? Who knows?)

This time around, Waititi’s two daughters are heading with him on the European press tour for Thor: Love and Thunder, and what we’ve seen is Waititi getting ready to do an interview while they’re both sitting and coloring in front of him.

The joy of the series comes from the fact that Waititi’s daughters seem to hate it—especially his youngest, Matewa Kiritapu. She truly hates him filming these videos and hates that he delights in her misery, and season two started off with her being upset by the TV on the airplane not working for her and Taika Waititi loving it.

If this is just the first couple of videos, we’re in for quite the journey because neither seems particularly happy that Waititi is back on his tour guide persona, given that the last time he did it, they yelled at him at the end of nearly every video.

The entire series, though, is just something that brings fans of Waititi joy because, yes, as this tweet asks, I do go back and make sure I’ve liked every single video of Dads on Tour.

Bring all the seasons of Dads on Tour

So Dads on Tour became a thing in the first place because we all love Waititi, but I think the reason the “volume 2” hype is real is because we like seeing him have fun with his kids. It’s the same reason we love Chris Hemsworth’s social media presence, because they’re not afraid of showing the world that they’re dads and they like hanging out with their kids.

Aside from how much fun he has bringing them along and taking them to see these things, even if they want to fight him about it, they are also clearly having fun with their dad, and it’s just incredibly cute. So, volume 2 coming our way means more bad tour videos, two kids hating that their dad wants to make jokes the entire time, and getting to see them torment him while he’s working. It’s really a win-win.

So, happy Dads on Tour season 2 to all who celebrate.

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