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Adopt a Loveable Horror Furbaby Over at Texas ChainPaw Massacre

Yes you can pet the dog. From Dawn of the Dead.

Chips the dog from Dawn of the Dead

I wholeheartedly subscribe to the notion that all furbabies are good pups/cats/buns/zombified nightmare fuel that wants to use your face as a scratching post. I mean, was it really the fault of the snakes that they were brought onto that plane? Was it really Church the Cat’s fault that his human buried him in the Pet Sematary? Lord, I WISH one of my three butthead cats would sleep peacefully next to me the way Church did with Ellie, as it stands, the three of them are too busy chasing each other around the house and trying to jump into the closed window.

Well, thanks to Texas ChainPaw Massacre, I might, someday, be able to adopt a Church that curls up on my pillow to sleep.

Texas ChainPaw Massacre works to save animals “one horror movie at a time.” The tweet introduces us to the two sisters who have been running the cleverly named brand since 2019. Together, they work to find forever homes for horror movie pet lookalikes.

I first learned about them through this piece over at Bloody Disgusting by John Squires. If you follow Texas ChainPaw Massacre on Twitter or Instagram, you’ll see updates on what animals are up for adoption along with an image of which horror pet they resemble.

On top of this being a really fun way to find homes for animals, I’m impressed at the sheer number of horror movies they’re tapping into. This ranges from good girls like Krampus‘ Rosie, a pet I’m sure many of us could use during uncomfortable family holidays.

To little lambs like the ones featured in Little Monsters in case you want something outside of the dog and cat realm.

They even posted about one of my fave cats, Binx, from Hocus Pocus.

I too and torn about Binx becoming Thackery. On the one hand, I thought Thackery was REAL cute back in 1993 (I was 10 at the time), but on the other hand… no more kitty. Sad face.

You can check out Texas ChainPaw Massacre over on Twitter or Instagram. According to their pinned tweet, if there is a specific pet you want from one of their posts, but the pet’s already been adopted, you can reach out to them and they’ll do their best to find you another pet.

I, for one, am thankful to know that there is a space working to make our homes a frighteningly fluffy place to live.

(image: Universal Pictures)

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