Let All Who Influence Stories & Characters That Get Platforms Gaze Upon These Representation Tweets

But women are so hard to animate!
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We talk a lot about representation in the media/art that we consume. And yet! And yet said media/art/presented world is still incredibly narrow. Frustratingly narrow. And so need to keep talking.

And so let us look this time around to Tess Fowler, comic illustrator, who laid out some things on Twitter the other day, including but not limited to: 1) What we need, and 2) Actual examples of how it’s really not that hard to represent a wider array of types.   You can read all of her tweets over at her Twitter timeline. But here are the highlights.

And then she did!

Closing arguments:

Obviously Fowler’s comments do not cover everything, but I found it pretty cathartic and refreshing to read, and I love to see those illustrations. Now if only we could get television and film to reflect things like this.

Continue the discussion (and fill in even more blanks) in the comments below. Parties not represented above? Talk about them here! Other people who do a good job laying it all out there? Share! Got illustrations from yourself or other artists that do a good job illustrating the point? I’d love to see those, too.

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