David Tennant Will Be Playing An American Version Of His Broadchurch Character For Fox

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The ITV series Broadchurch just recently wrapped here in the U.S. on BBC America. While we’re already curious as to where Season 2 will take us, we’ve been blindsided by an American remake. Normally we’d scoff at such a notion but as it turns out, they’ve nabbed David Tennant to reprise his role as Detective Inspector Alec Hardy. Just one hiccup – Tennant will be flexing his American accent this time around. 

If, like me, you were wondering what Tennant had lined up for his post-Doctor Who anniversary adventure, this is interesting news. I fully admit I started watching Broadchurch solely because of the Scottish actor (Arthur Darvill didn’t hurt either). Honestly, it’s a series I probably would have steered clear of because it looked incredibly sad and depressing but it had some really fantastic performances all around. The story focuses on the murder of a young boy in a small town on the Dorset coast. Tennant’s character is a newly arrived hire with a difficult past who teams with the existing Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman) to solve it.

Entertainment Weekly had this to report:

Fox announced last summer that it will remake the 8-episode series for the 2014-15 season. (The drama also aired recently on BBC America). The U.S. version, which may go by a different title, will feature Tennant as an American detective who is the lead male investigator on the case of a shocking murder that puts a small town under scrutiny. The series’ original creator, Chris Chibnall, will write the premiere episode for Fox while Dan Futterman (Capote) and Anya Epstein (In Treatment) have signed on as executive producers and showrunners. Production will begin in January on the series, which will be distributed by Shine America in association with Kudos and Imaginary Friends.

But why does he have to be American? Whyyyyyyy? “I’m very, very fascinated to see this story in a different landscape with an acting ensemble that’s just as strong but taken from really great American actors,” Chibnall told EW. “The DNA of the original is absolutely intact and filtered through a new prism, so it should still feel just as vibrant, and interesting, and strange, and unique, and beautiful, but just in a different setting — and then it’s exploring the dramatic opportunities that that offers up. We’re not gonna do the terrible version. We’re gonna do a great version.”

While Tennant getting a starring role on a major network in the states is a big deal, it certainly puts into question whether or not he’ll be returning for the UK version of the series. While Colman’s return hasn’t been announced either, Darvill has said he will be back.

Have you watched Broadchurch? What do you think of them doing an American remake?

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