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Teen Wolf Recap: De-Void


It’s time for our recap of the Teen Wolf episode “De-Void,” or, as I like to refer to it, “Body Horror and Fly-Vision.”

Seriously. Fly-vision.

But aside from that bit of ridiculousness, we were actually looking at a pretty intense episode. It starts with a Mexican showdown of sorts in Derek’s loft between Chris Argent, Papa Stilinski, and the NogitStiles. Derek’s down for the count after getting his ass beat, and Allison is off to the side trying to convince the men that they’re being stupid stupidfaces who are playing right into the NogitStiles’ strife-loving hands. The tense moment comes to an end when the Oni show up, and after a brief (ineffectual) fight, both they and the NogitStiles disappear.

Our resident creepy baddie pays a visit to Mama Yukimura, steals her knife/Oni/fox tail thing, and stabs himself in the stomach with it. WTF?

Same, Mama Yukimura. Same.

He then goes all piñata as a swarm of flies erupt from his stomach wound. Ewwwwww. Before disappearing the NogitStiles says “chaos has come again,” which would be more dramatic if it weren’t followed by the aforementioned motherflipping fly vision.

Who thought this was a good idea? WHO?!

But then it’s over, and one of the NogitStiles’ demon flies burrows its way into Isaac’s arm. A fly infects Derek, who’s trying to decipher Stiles’ chess set metaphor while Peter’s being all ~cryptic~ and ~mysterious~ about how ~foxes don’t play by our rules.~ Take your “poetic” unhelpfulness to an amateur poetry reading, bro. No one is impressed by you. Also possessed by demon flies are Ethan and Aiden, who are palling around with Danny and Lydia, respectively. Not that I give a fig and a half about either of them.

Meanwhile Scott has invited Kira to spend the night at his place; he’ll be a chivalrous fuzzy duckling and sleep on the chair while she takes the bed. What follows is a cute and romantical scene that I was entirely distracted during because, Kira, you’re going to sleep in your fishnet stockings? I get that you need to be ready to jump up and leave should something go down, but at least take your boots off and get comfy for your spooning session, girl.

Back at Casa Argent Allison asks Chris whether he was actually going to shoot Stiles before revealing that it doesn’t really matter, because she took the firing pin out of his gun anyway. MY QUEEN. Chris agrees, saying “That’s why the women are the leaders in our family.” Damn skippy.

Isaac shows up, unbeknownst to Allison (but knownst to us), possessed by a demon fly. But maybe she should’ve known something was up (though not really), because he’s being suave as hell instead of peppering his conversation with awkward and/or quasi-insulting comments, and you know that’s not like him.

Demon fly is smooth.

The next morning Isaac reveals his true intentions when he cuffs Allison to the bed and takes off with her weapons to kill some twins, because Scott may be moving toward forgiving them, but Isaac sure as heck hasn’t. And sure, he’s possessed, but I’m inclined to believe the fly only enhanced feelings that were already there. He’s called the twins on their villainous origins before, after all.

Lydia’s Banshee powers, with the assistance of PHANTOM GPS (*Twilight Zone music*), lead her and Aiden to the NogitStiles, whom they take to Scott’s house. Deaton doses him with kanima venom and duct tapes his mouth, but not before he can taunt Aiden about Ethan being in some sort of trouble at the school. He runs off. They fight. I don’t care. Isaac shows up too, ready to kill them both “For Erica. For Boyd.” I do care. Please, show, for the love of God, do not drop the fact that Isaac is clearly carrying around some (COMPLETELY JUSTIFIABLE) bitterness about the twins’ role in the death of his werewolf buds.

Chris tries to get to the school to intervene, but he’s held up by Derek, who shows up at his apartment all possessed and ready to burn Chris alive. But he won’t do it until Allison comes home, because he wants her to watch. Derek, it’s a good thing you’re a not-so-secret fluffy bunny who carries around Halloween candy for little kids, ’cause you’d make a terrible villain.

Back at the McCall house the NogitStiles tricks Mama McCall into thinking he’s just Stiles, minus the Nogit- and taunts her about the real reason Agent McCall left, and how when Scott knows what Mama McCall did he’ll never forgive her.


Wait, what?

I can’t even think about this now. There are like six outstanding plot development waiting in the wings for this NogitStiles thing to wrap up. Did Mama McCall cheat on Scott’s dad? What’s happening?!

We get a brief interlude of Sheriff Stilinski’s disciplinary hearing—it looks like he’s going to get fired, but Agent McCall steps in to speechify and saves his job. He later tells the Sheriff that it’s physically impossible to do a better job than the Sheriff is doing in this cluterfrak of a town. Also, he didn’t really want the Sheriff to lose his job—staying in town for the disciplinary hearing was only an excuse to spend some time with his son. The Sheriff recommends that Agent McCall “tell Scott everything,” whatever “everything” is. Presumably it’s related to Mama McCall’s secret? Is Agent McCall going to die before he can spill the beans (or right after)?

Meanwhile Scott argues that he really shouldn’t turn Stiles into a werewolf, even though it might cure him, because he’s never turned someone before, and anyway Stiles’ physical condition isn’t exactly great. The bite could easily kill him. As an alternative, Lydia calls Peter, who shows up with his fricking smirk.The plan is for him to use his magical werewolf claws to send Scott and Lydia into Stiles’ brain so Scott can use the Power of Friendship to pull him out of the possession. The NogitStiles is unimpressed.

Peter, you can’t even look cool to dorky teenagers. Stop trying. You’re embarrassing yourself.

At the school Allison, Kira, and their weapons have interrupted Isaac’s boutn of ultimate twin-tasering coolness, and while I’m upset that Isaac won’t actually kill the twins, THIS IMAGE


Scott and Lydia, zapped into Stiles’ consciousness by the power of werewolf claws, come to tied to beds in Eichen House. Lydia has to remind her werewolf buddy, hey, bonehead. You have super strength. Get it together. After he breaks them free the two of them get separated, with Scott being spirited away to a makeout sesh with trickster Allison and Lydia finding herself back at prom. Where she was attacked by Peter in season one. Oh, goodie, another reminder that the writers really really really need to write her killing Peter instead of working with and starting to trust and depend on him. Peter, realizing something’s up IRL, yells at Lydia and breaks her out of her shock, while Scott figures it out on his own. They make it to Bruce Wayne’s underground BatCave from The Dark Knight the Big White Room of Magical Ritual and Tomfoolery,  where Stiles is playing a metaphorical game of Go with the Nogitsune.

Lydia, again making good with the common sense, figures that, since Stiles is part of Scott’s pack, a werewolf roar should get his attention. PACK FEELS.  It works, because Lydia’s a genius.

“F*ck you and your board games.”

Lydia and Scott come to, but Stiles is still under. He only wakes up when Lydia tells Peter that Malia is his daughter. (Of course Peter only helped Stiles for his own benefit.) Wait, so what’s up with Malia, then? Because that definitely didn’t seem like a coincidence. But I didn’t know that Malia was in on the Nogitsune shenanigans at all. Then again, we have two episodes left. Plenty of time for plot twists.

Stiles then proceeds to pull a giant bandage tapeworm out of his mouth, because flies finding happy homes in people’s wounds wasn’t enough gross for this episode. Out of the pile of bandages comes the Nogitsune, except it’s actually Stiles wrapped up in the Nogitsune’s mummy duds. So now the possession is over and Stiles and Nogitsune are two separate entities, though the latter still looks like Stiles. The Nogitsune runs away with Lydia, who finishes up the episode in mortal peril again. Stiles pushing the Nogitsune out of his brain flips the off switch on the demon flies right in the nick of time; Derek collapses before he can be shot in the head by Chris (Oh, that burning him alive thing? Pah. Never stood a chance.), and the twins and Isaac are saved the fate of being killed by Allison and Kira. They totally could’ve done it.

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