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Ted Lasso Revealed Their Big Bad This Week

Boy oh boy was I angry.

Ted Lasso

Apple TV+ hit Ted Lasso is a show that, in theory, should uplift us all. Typically, it makes me cry in the best (and worst) ways, but it is a show that I love nonetheless. This week though, it put us all through the ringer and they finally revealed the true intentions of one of their characters. The problem? It is fitting, infuriating, and made a character into a villain in the worst way.

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This show, which has been sold consistently as a happy-go-lucky coach trying his best has proven itself time and time again with its ability to tackle hard character dynamics and issues, and the end of season 2 is going to be an emotional journey for sure. Season 2 episode 11 titled “Midnight Train to Royston” brought us a look into what the future holds for the team of AFC Richmond, and it was surprisingly filled with a betrayal that hurts.

**Spoilers for the most recent episode of Ted Lasso lie within.**

Foolishly, I loved Nate in season 1. I was so happy for him when he seemed to find happiness at AFC Richmond with Ted and Coach Beard, and it all started by Ted just showing him the simple courtesy of learning his name. That underdog story quickly turned to a man who was driven to find his own success and did not care who he hurt in the process.

Throughout season 2 of Ted Lasso, Nate has been showing his willingness to do whatever it takes, no matter who he hurts, to get his time in the sun, and this week, he threw the man who gave him a chance under the bus and, much like Ted Lasso, we just felt disappointed.

Ted has been struggling with his panic attacks throughout this season, and when he left the field in a rush, the word was that he had food poisoning. It seemed everyone who cared believed the story, and Ted told his team the truth because he trusted them. But maybe Ted shouldn’t have, because he gets a text at the end of the episode from Trent Crimm, The Independent. Alerting Ted of an article he wrote up on the panic attack, he told Coach Lasso that he had to do it as a journalist, but as a man who respects Ted, he wanted him to know who his source was.

That source? Nate. I want to know why Nate did this. I know it comes from his own desire to be head coach and to be understood, and there is a part of Nate’s frustration I understand. He gets this game more than Ted, he’s been involved more than him, and yet this man who doesn’t even know how to play gets to be the Head Coach. That would infuriate anyone.

But Nate was also a part of this team. He was Ted’s friend, and he could have told Ted how he felt and what he wanted, and Ted would have listened. There were people that he could have confided in before turning on his friend. Seeing the switch in Nate this week was a lot, and watching as Richmond navigates that is going to be interesting, but oh boy are people mad.

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