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Crazy Teacher Tries to Ban Pencils From School

A Massachusetts school district is trying to distance itself from one of its teachers after she told every sixth grade parent that their kids could no longer bring pencils to school.

Perhaps she’d been on the receiving end of one of these?  Or perhaps she took the adage a little too literally.

Wendy Scott sent a memo to the parents of all of the sixth graders at North Brookfield Elementary School stating that

students would no longer be allowed to bring writing implements to school. It said pencils would be provided for students in class and any students caught with pencils or pens after Nov. 15 would face disciplinary action for having materials “to build weapons.”

We can’t really see the logic behind this but if we had to guess, somebody probably did something horrible with a handcrafted pencil launcher and now a disciplinary overreaction has ensured that other kids will pay for it.

The North Brookfield School district maintains that the memo was sent without permission and that no ban is actually in effect.  Whether or not your child is going to be subject to zero tolerance policies for trying to be prepared for class is understandably something that a parent would like to be clear cut and easy to figure out.

Well, if the kids can’t bring pens in, maybe they could bring swords?  I’ve heard that they’re less dangerous.

(via Slashdot.)

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