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Target Inadvisably Mocks Home-Made Halloween Costumes

Target‘s name is something of a self-fulfilling prophecy these days.  Just to make sure that everyone has beef with them, the retailer has levied a snide, mocking blow at, of all people, moms who take the time to make charming homemade costumes for their kids instead of buying a cheap licensed knock off at some big box store.

The rebuttals have been swift and unmerciful, from Slate, who points out that the materials to make this costume, if bought at Target, would net the company more than buying the official costume, and from Wired (and Youtube commenters) who point out that Tony Stark hand made his own costume under more trying circumstances.

We would like to humbly add that among the more famous superheroes with homemade costumes is the first one of them all, and that, indeed, Ma Kent did the sewing for him.

(via Wired.)

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