Queer Eye‘s Tan France Making Over Hasan Minhaj Is Hilarious and Delightful

"I look like I'm trying to sell you real estate in the '90s, Tan."
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If you want something just purely good to start off your day, this clip is it. In a short Netflix featurette, Queer Eye’s Tan France and Patriot Act’s Hasan Minhaj meet up to help Minhaj figure out his new late night host outfits.

While Queer Eye viewers are familiar with the heart-warming enthusiasm with which the subjects usually accept France’s fashion advice, Minhaj acts more like how I’d imagine a lot of us would—self-conscious skepticism and jokes. “My fear is, what if I do something like this and I end up looking like Indian Big Bird?”, “I cannot look like an Indian fuckboy”, “Tan? I look like I’m a member of the Rajneeshee”, and “I look like I’m trying to sell you real estate in the ’90s, Tan” are all things Minhaj remarks in the video and it’s clear the two are having a blast.

Also, he’s not super wild about printed shirts, to which France—famous for his printed shirts—replies, “That was like taking a bullet, that was real hard.”

It’s a fantastically funny, feel-good, and generally delightful segment—they have great chemistry and I genuinely could listen to the two of them goof and chat forever. The comments are, of course, filled with people saying the two would do great on their own show. The two also talk about brown representation, bond over the anglicizing of their names, and the redundancy of “chai tea”.

Beyond Minhaj and someone behind the camera explaining to France the definition of a fuckboy, the two also spend some time talking about their upcoming seasons: Minhaj describes Patriot Act as a mix of comedy, investigative reporting, political satire, and late night (but standing instead of behind a desk). France also shares some updates about season 3 of Queer Eye, including the fact that they have a lesbian on the show next season and that Kansas wasn’t the friendliest place the Queer Eye team visited.

The two did share an especially wholesome moment:

“I don’t care about looking cool, I just want to look like me and if I look dweeby, I look dweeby. Look at what you do for a living,” says Tan. “Like, you’re representing brown people: you don’t need to try to be cool, you are cool.”

“Did you just Queer Eye me?” replies Minhaj.

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj is set to premier on Netflix October 28th.

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