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Start Your Jaeger, It’s Our First Look at Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim Comic

Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots!


Details on Pacific Rim 2 are still few and far between, but this first look at Tales from the Drift, the ongoing comic Guillermo del Toro announced last summer, is helping fill the kaiju-sized hole in my heart.


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Although Legendary has kept the four-installment comic’s story on the downlow, Tales from the Drift will be a follow-up to Tales from Year Zero, the graphic novel exploring the beginning days of humanity’s battle with the kaiju, rather than a continuation of the first Pacific Rim film. (Susana pointed out over the summer that the timeline of Tales from the Drift will hopefully allow for more exploration of characters with minor roles in the film, like the Russian and Chinese jaeger teams.)

Tales from the Drift is slated for November, 2015, and will be adapted by Joshua Fialkov with artwork by Marcos Marz. The press release explains:

Guillermo del Toro promised more adventures from the world of Pacific Rim – and he has delivered. Legendary is taking fans back to the frontlines of a larger-than-life battleground with Pacific Rim: Tales from the Drift, the official new comic series presented by director Guillermo del Toro and featuring a story from Pacific Rim screenwriter Travis Beacham. A continuation of the bestselling graphic novel Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero, the new Pacific Rim comic series will feature Jaegers never before seen in combat, squaring off against all-new Kaiju creatures.

What do you think of our first look at Tales from the Drift?

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