Come Watch Taika Waititi Read and Respond to Internet Comments About Thor: Ragnarok

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IGN has, to use their own descriptor, “one of the most active comments sections on the internet.” And so, fittingly, they had the highly animated Taika Waititi over to respond to some of their commenters. Waititi’s Thor: Ragnarok hasn’t hit theaters yet, and while most viewers have yet to see the film, they’ve still got plenty of opinions for Waititi to respond to!

In characteristic fashion, Waititi mugs it up, puts on funny voices, and literally hoots at the camera at one point, before ending with a series of ridiculous faces. He responds to both negative comments – such as “This looks beyond stupid” or “Another movie to pull Norse mythology in the dirt” – and positive comments like “NEW ZEALAND REPRESENT” and “This is gonna be more of a acid trip then doctor strange and i’m gonna love it.” Whatever the spirit of the comment, he leans into the natural absurdity of reading anonymous, poorly punctuated internet hyperbole – you know, the sort of stuff you would not say to someone in person – aloud.

Numerous reports from the Thor: Ragnarok set mention improvisation and invention, and it’s easy to see why from this video. Improvisation is clearly part of Waititi’s signature style. Even just looking at the word “represent,” he goes off in a bunch of different directions, testing out new ways to turn it into a joke. I can’t wait to see what he and his cast did with the far more expansive absurdity of Asgard and the Marvel cosmos. Another!

Thor: Ragnarok hits U.S. theaters on November 3, 2017.

(Via io9 and IGN; image via screengrab)

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