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Taika Waitit Gave Sneak Peek at a Thor: Love and Thunder Script You Won’t Believe (Because It’s Fake)

Can't believe Tony shows up and says "Wazzzurp."


Thor Love and Thunder Cast

What we all expected out of Taika Waititi doing a live commentary over his film Thor: Ragnarok is basically what we ended up getting. Including cameos with Tessa Thompson and Mark Ruffalo, the entire thing was just a portion of the movie and then Ruffles and Taika just having fun trying to make their faces line up on camera.

But, the special guests were just the appetizer to the main course: Taika Waititi accidentally showing us all a glimpse of his Thor: Love and Thunder script. During his Instagram live yesterday, there were so many looks into what was to come for Thor and I, personally, cannot wait!

Just kidding, this is clearly all a joke, but if Taika wanted to bring Tony Stark back and this Tony returns by saying “Wazzuuuuurrrp,” I would take it. The thing with Taika Waititi is that you never know what’s real and what isn’t, and talking with Tessa Thompson during the live stream, he discussed how Love and Thunder is completely off the walls in comparison to Ragnarok.

“It makes Ragnarok feel like a really run-of-the-mill, really safe film. This new movie feels like we asked a bunch of 10-year-olds what they wanted to see and then just said yes to every single thing.”

There was a rumor that there would be “space sharks” out there in Thor: Love and Thunder, but I’m pretending that’s not a real thing, because if you make me look at sharks flying in space, I will cry the entire time. (I hate sharks. They have TWO ROWS OF TEETH.) I would like to note that I know that the space sharks come from the comics. I would also like to point out that I do not care. I hate sharks no matter where they are.

What we know is that space sharks exist, Ragnarok is tame compared to Love and Thunder, and maybe we need more content of Mark Ruffalo and Taika Waititi in our life. We learned a little about what we can expect from Love and Thunder, even if I’m pretending like part of the actual facts are not real, but what I want to see more of is Taika Waititi writing for Tony Stark.

“The Avengererera” may not be real, but if they were, it’d be my new favorite movie. In fact, if Thor: Love and Thunder was just this scene on repeat, I honestly would watch that entire movie. We really missed out on something special there (or maybe Tony can come back in Thor: Love and Thunder … the possibilities are endless).

(image: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney)

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