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Director Taika Waititi Is Hosting a Thor: Ragnarok Live Commentary Online, Thank the Gods!

Thor and Loki in Thor: Ragnarok

Missed the original #QuarantineWatchParty from ComicBook.com for Thor: Ragnarok? Well, you’re in luck! Director Taika Waititi is hosting his own viewing of the Marvel movie on Instagram Live today at 4PM (PST). So … you know that it’s going to be the kind of chaos we all need right now.

How exactly is it going to work? I have absolutely no idea, but from the picture Waititi posted on Twitter, he’s going to bring a random guest in (someone who isn’t even in the movie), and they’re just going to watch it and make a commentary. So what a time for us all!

I don’t completely believe Taika, but if he wants to tell me they’re teardrops of blood, I’m going to believe that he is actually his vampire character Viago from What We Do in the Shadows and he drew this in a church. That’s where vampires cry (as you all know, obviously). But it’s probably wine. Definitely wine. I’m going with wine.

Recently, Waititi has taken to Instagram a lot more frequently to give fans something to do, like watch him get his hair cut by his kids for no reason other than they were all bored. Truly, I wish I knew what day it is. Can Taika Waititi start announcing the day of the week on Instagram live, too?

This is going to be fun, though, mainly because you never really know what Taika Waititi has in store for us. Sometimes, he’s extremely serious and heartfelt about things, and other times, he’s … well, he’s Taika. And as he once pointed out to me, he’s not a celebrity. He’s a Taika.

Can’t wait to see what behind the scenes information we get from Taika Waititi and his guest tonight. I’m assuming his guest is going to be a pet or a stick figure of a random actor. What’s your bet?

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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