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In “Akane No Mai” Maeve Uses Her Power Over Hosts for Good, Making Her Ever-Better Than Dolores

SHOGUN WORLD! Hell, yes! This week, Westworld finally takes us into Shogun World, and we learn that it's...basically almost exactly like Westworldsame stories, different tropes. "Akane No Mai" also finds both Dolores and Maeve exercising control over fellow hosts in increasingly questionable ways. Oh yeah, and there's an awesome use of Wu-Tang Clan. [**SPOILERS AHOY!**]

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Lisa Joy’s Directing Debut, “The Riddle of the Sphinx,” Gives Us Westworld‘s Best S2 Episode Yet

What goes on four feet in the morning, two feet at noon, and three feet in the evening? The answer to the 'Riddle of the Sphinx' is 'man,' and the riddle itself about aging: crawling baby, to walking adult, to elderly person with a cane. It's interesting, then, that the Westworld episode of the same name is about humanity's attempt to do the exact opposite.

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Westworld Goes East in “Virtù e Fortuna,” Because Rich White People Love Them Some Colonization

Ooh! Honey! Let's go pretend to be colonizers in Asia! What fun!

This week's Westworld shows us just how much fun rich white people seem to think colonizing is, even during whatever future this show takes place in. Ooh! Honey! Let's go pretend to be colonizers in Asia! What fun! It'll be a nice change from pretending to steal land in the Old West! [**SPOILERS WILL ABOUND IN THIS POST AND THE COMMENTS! BEWARE!**]

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Westworld Kicks It up a Notch as Dolores Develops a God Complex in “Reunion”

And what the hell does Delos want?

This week's Westworld feels like the actual beginning of S2. "Reunion" jolts us awake with flashbacks that provide some much-needed context, and Dolores attempting to jolt her fellow hosts awake ... all while having developed a serious god complex. Meanwhile, the Man in Black has had it with Robert's shenanigans. [**SPOILERS WILL ABOUND IN THIS POST AND THE COMMENTS! BEWARE!**]

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Westworld Begins Its “Journey Into Night” With Dolores, Maeve, and Bernard Discovering Themselves

What's on the other side of "The Door"?

Westworld is back and seemingly darker than ever. If you missed it last week, I did a spoiler-free advance review, and if you're feeling nostalgic, feel free to go back and look at my joint reviews of season one with Maddy Myers. But if you're ready to go back in "The Maze" and begin our journey through "The Door" (a.k.a. the name given to season two), let's do this! [**SPOILERS WILL ABOUND IN THIS POST AND THE COMMENTS! BEWARE!**]

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Spoiler-Free Review: Westworld‘s Season 2 Premiere a Slow-Burn Start to a Fascinating New Story

Westworld Season Two premieres this weekend after way too long a wait, and TMS will be getting back to its regular coverage! Thanks to HBO, we got an advance peek at the first episode of the new season. Get ready for quite a ride, people! [**This is a spoiler-free review, but I will be talking about who's in the episode and scratching the surface of basic plot points.**]

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Westworld‘s Season 1 Finale, “The Bicameral Mind”: Meeting Wyatt, Finding the Center of the Maze, Ending the Game… and Starting Over

At last, it's time for the season one finale of Westworld, hosted by your dual reviewers with divergent opinions, Teresa and Maddy. Teresa's all like Dr. Ford, raising a glass to toast Dolores finding the center of the maze. And Maddy's like the Man In Black, responding, “What is this bullshit?” This is an hour-and-a-half long finale, so strap in. We've reached the end of the game! But perhaps, as Teddy says, it's only the beginning of a new chapter...

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Westworld Just Goes Freaking Bananas In “The Well-Tempered Clavier”—At Last, We Meet Arnold!

And the award for most befuddling thing named after a Bach work goes to...

It's Monday, Monday, gotta get down on Monday...with a Westworld recap! Teresa and Maddy bring you all the the Westworld flavor that you savor. Maddy's all Charlotte like We have business to think about, and Teresa's all Man In Black like Fine, whatever, just LEMME GET BACK TO MY STORIES. Welcome to the penultimate episode of Season One, "The Well-Tempered Clavier," directed by Michelle MacLaren (the only female director the entire season. Ahem).

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So, You’ve Realized You’re a Robot. Now What? Westworld‘s “Trace Decay” Gives Us Maeve’s Revolution

It's Monday, which means it's time for another one of Teresa and Maddy's good cop/bad cop dual recaps of Westworld. As always, Maddy is the Sylvester of these recaps, who thinks we should probably shut the whole thing down and “brick it,” but Teresa is the Felix of the pair, who has hope that we can all take down Westworld's most unsavory aspects and triumph in the end.

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Long-Suspected Secrets Got Revealed In Westworld‘s “Trompe L’Oeil” (and Teresa Is a Smarty-Pants)

"I'm not a key, William. I'm just me." - Dolores

Time for another She Said/She Said recap of Westworld with Teresa and Maddy! Maddy's skeptical about this show, peacing out like Lawrence, because there ain't no way that uncharted territory won't kill us. Meanwhile, Teresa's all Dolores and William being like surely the uncharted territory can't be that bad, right? Right? Welcome to "Trompe L'Oeil." On to recappy spoilers!

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Westworld‘s “The Adversary” Brings Us More Maeve, More Daddy Issues, and More of Arnold’s Mystery

Time for another tag-team recap of Westworld with Teresa and Maddy! Maddy's skeptical about this show, throwing back a cocktail (and throwing a tantrum) like Lee Sizemore when a storyline doesn't make any sense. Meanwhile, Teresa's more of a Charlotte Hale, with a long list of favorite storylines in the theme park and high hopes that the whole thing can get back on track. Maybe if they get rid of that Lee Sizemore guy. Heh. On to the spoilerific recap!

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Westworld‘s “Contrapasso”: Dr. Ford’s Daddy Issues, and Dolores and Maeve’s Quest to Escape Their Narrow Roles

“I imagined a story where I didn’t have to be the damsel.” - Dolores

Maddy and Teresa are back for their tag-team recap of Westworld. Maddy’s the Maeve who thinks none of this matters, and Teresa’s the Dolores, determined to see the beauty in everything. Welcome to Episode Five of the season, "Contrapasso."

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Westworld Recap: “Dissonance Theory”

Maddy and Teresa are back for their usual tag-team recap of Westworld. Maddy's the Logan of the pair, who wants to pick holes in every little detail of the show, and Teresa's the William, who's still optimistic.

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Westworld Recap: “The Stray”

Maddy and Teresa have both been watching HBO’s Westworld, which is already shaping up to be about as controversial as its fellow HBO offering Game of Thrones, even just among our own staff. Teresa seems to be the Mulder when it comes to Westworld, while Maddy seems more like the Scully. The two are tag-teaming recaps this season and sharing their different takes on the show.

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Westworld Recap: “Chestnut”

Maddy and Teresa have both been watching HBO’s Westworld. which the network hopes will become “the next Game of Thrones.” The show is already shaping up to be about as controversial as Game of Thrones, even just among our own staff. Maddy watched the pilot episode and wasn’t a big fan, but Teresa has enjoyed the show so far. The two will be tag-teaming this recap and sharing their different takes on the show.

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I Watched the Westworld Pilot and It Felt Like a Big Pile of Wasted Potential


It's not that the Westworld pilot is bad, per se. It's just that it could have been so much better. Sometimes that feels even worse than watching something that's outright bad.

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