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Stephen Colbert Imagines Star Wars as Directed by Werner Herzog

In the wake of director Colin Trevorrow leaving Star Wars: Episode IX, Stephen Colbert put forward an unusual suggestion for the new director: Werner Herzog.

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This Werner Herzog-Inspired Ant-Man Parody Is Haunting & Hilarious

"Scott Lang faces the horror of his truth."

Patrick Willems, the indie filmmaker behind "What If Wes Anderson Directed X-Men," has returned with another gift for cinema studies nerds: a Werner Herzog-inspired parody of Ant-Man. The aching slowness of this adaptation manages to bridge the gap between self-serious goofiness and true existential dread.

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Today In Ladies On Screen: Nicole Kidman To Play a Badass Lady Explorer, NBC Doing a Female Buddy Cop Show

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Step right up, lovers of awesome historical ladies and female-led TV shows. We have something for you. Two things, in fact.

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Warner Bros. Brushes Off Reports of The Hobbit-Induced Nausea

This Makes Sense

Warner Bros. has responded to reports that the way The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was shot—in 3D with a high frame rate (HFR)—is making some moviegoers sick. The gist of what they have to say? "What? No it doesn't. Look, the movie's in 48fps. Deal with it."

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Do You Recognize This Kid Who Claims to Have Lived in the German Woods for Five Years?

Last September, the kid pictured above appeared in Berlin, Germany and asked for help at City Hall. He said that his name was Ray, that he had no memory, and that he had lived in some woods for five years. German police are now releasing his picture hoping to find anyone who may recognize the young man. More importantly, does anyone remember the story of Kaspar Hauser?

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