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UVA Alumnus Sasheer Zamata Reflects on Charlottesville: “The Confederacy Didn’t Win and Neither Will They”

In an Instagram slide show, Zamata writes both fondly and candidly about her years at UVA.

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Torch-Wielding Racists Descended on Charlottesville, Virginia Last Night

Last night, torch-wielding racists and hate groups descended on Charlottesville, Virginia as part of the lead-up to a Unite the Right rally. It looked a hell of a lot like a KKK rally.

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Anthrax Bacteria Can Breed In Dirt, Be Even More Terrifying

You know what's not scary enough? Anthrax. I don't know when it was, but a disease that creates black ulcers on your skin and has the potential to make your innards basically fall right out of your body lost its capacity to inspire terror. The horrific disease and occasional means of spreading panic in government buildings could get a little bit of its groove back, though, with a new study showing that anthrax bacteria are capable of breeding  -- and spreading -- in soil, where the disease was once thought to lay dormant.

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Sebastian Thrun, Mastermind of Stanford’s Free AI Course, Forms Free Education Website

Researcher and professor Sebastian Thrun turned a lot of heads when he headed a bold experiment in online teaching at Stanford University by offering an artificial intelligence course for free. Of the 160,000 enrollees, 23,000 graduated the course with a Stanford University certificate and a head full of computer science knowledge. The experience of teaching a course on such a massive scale apparently left its mark on Thrun as well, who announced today at the Digital Life Design conference that he was leaving Stanford and was heading up a new free education project called Udacity.

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