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Hyperloop One Plans for Passengers by 2021, Here’s Why Riding It Won’t Kill You

After their first successful test run yesterday in a Nevada desert, the Hyperloop One team has begun to make the rounds, describing the details of their high-speed transportation technology. We could all be riding on a Hyperloop transport in the next few years, if all goes according to plan.

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This Scooter-Car’s a Befuddling Sight to Behold [Video]

Everyone likes those tiny little smart cars, right? They're adorable, and in big cities -- and only in big cities -- they make good sense. Well, now there's another mode of urban transportation in the works. Research center TUM Create seems to have reinvented the wheel by creating a new multipurpose vehicle that combines elements of a scooter, a car, and I daresay a rickshaw. Called the VOI, the two-wheeler is intended for use in heavily populated cities.

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Limo Service Uber Will Gouge You on New Year’s Eve, but They’re Upfront About It

Don't drink and drive. To prevent drinking and driving, companies like Uber offer smartphone apps that can summon classy limos and town cars, complete with driver, to your location. That's very noble of them, but Uber is also a business. That's why Uber has emailed its users to warn them of increased New Year's Eve pricing. It's part of what they call "surge pricing," but it sounds an awful lot like price gouging. They warn users that they can expect to pay a minimum of $100 for a ride during peak hours on New Year's Eve. For that much, the driver better be a jeet kune do master ready to take you on a crime-fighting adventure around town.

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The Chaotic, Mesmerizing Traffic in Vietnam

At first, you might not be inclined to watch a time-lapse movie about the traffic in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Friend, I once thought as you did. What I didn't realize, however, is that said traffic in said city is completely insane. To illustrate: Take a look at the image above, and count how many vehicles there are, and then count how many different directions vehicles are traveling in. Now imagine that, but moving seamlessly and apparently with complete ease. It's astounding.

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From Now On We Will Travel in Tubes!

Never has the band Tenacious D seemed more prophetic than now, when Swiss company Acabion is prognosticating that by 2100 C.E. that we will travel through vacuum tubes at speeds around 20,000 km/h (about 12,000 mph). According to Wired, the company is aiming to introduce a new class of vehicle it calls the "streamliner," which looks like a jet fuselage mated with a motocycle. The aircraft- inspired design is intended to increase efficiency and speed, which Acabion is hoping will revolutionize transportation across the globe. So confident are they in their design that they have outlined the future of transit as revolutionized by the streamliner.

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