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How Dare The Mad Max: Fury Road Legacy Trailer Completely Ignore Tina Turner

Who run Bartertown?

The trailers for Mad Max: Fury road have been knocking our socks off. Sometimes literally. With an explosive rocket guitar. But this latest, which is meant to harken back to the three original films in the franchise, seems like they're trying to get us to forget Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Which is impossible because THUNDERDOOOOOOOOME!

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Researchers Boost Shared Wi-Fi Signal Strength Up to 700%, Coffee Shop Patrons Rejoice

Having access to wi-fi in places like coffee shops is wonderful, unless those places get crowded with other people using the same wi-fi connection. That's when speeds drop and problems begin. It's almost enough to make you want to carry around your own hotspot, but thankfully researchers from North Carolina State University have a new way to increase wi-fi speeds up to 700% on crowded networks.

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