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Terra Nova Canceled, but Seeks New Home

Everyone's favorite show about ridiculously attractive people time traveling and also dinosaurs, FOX's Terra Nova, has been canceled. Though the show had Steven Spielberg and Peter Chernin as executive producers, this isn't exactly coming as a surprise, as the ratings weren't ever as attractive as its cast, and the show had a fairly large budget. For fans dismayed at the thought of losing one of the only shows on television prominently featuring dinosaurs, there's still a bit of hope, as the studio is said to be aggressively looking for another network to host the sci-fi epic.

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Steven Spielberg’s Terra Nova Concept Art Looks Like Many Things

This is the question posed by The Hollywood Reporter. Terra Nova, if you don't know (we certainly didn't) is Spielberg's latest green-lit television series (he's producing). It's going to be about a family from about 2110 that goes back in time 150 million years to the time of dinosaurs, in order to save the human race. Or something. Who cares! It's Steven Spielberg and dinosaurs. But does it look like Avatar?

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World of Warcraft Nets Tens of Millions of Dollars by Selling … Glittery Sparkle Ponies?

Finally marrying MMO-related obsessiveness to infantile consumer taste, Blizzard is now making millions selling World of Warcraft players...shimmering space ponies?

Has online gaming's biggest player finally turned itself into Farmville?

Blizzard has long been in the practice of selling "pets," which are ornamental creatures that follow players around the gameworld. But the Celestial Steed is the first "mount" (read: ridable animal friend!) which must be acquired through grubby lucre rather than honest-to-god in-game effort.

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