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Pratt Institute Grad Students Design Fashion With Temperature Controls

This Dress Has a Built-In Fan

In addition to looking like a super-futuristic purple silk spaceship, this dress also has a built-in fan. So you will look cool and feel cool in this ostentatious piece of unusual fashion hardware. This dress appeared as part of a grad student showcase at Brooklyn's Pratt Institute, where industrial design students showed off their cool ideas, including a handful of interesting wearables.

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Why Does Your Cat Dig Chilling In a Box? Science Explains

CC: Maru.

Suitcases, cardboard boxes, shoes: what is it about confined spaces that so compels cats? Thank God Wired isn't afraid to tackle the tough questions.

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Take That, Lord Kelvin: Researchers Create Gas Particles Colder Than Absolute Zero

Absolute zero might not be so absolute anymore, according to a study published this week in the journal Science. A team of researchers at Ludwig Maximillian University in Germany are reporting that they have brought individual atoms of potassium gas from a few billionths of a degree above zero degrees Kelvin -- long thought to be the lowest possible temperature -- to a few billionths of a degree below that mark.

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