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Invasion of the Tanukis: Raccoon Dogs Spreading Throughout Europe

If you have to be invaded by a non-native species, it should always be one this adorable.

They can't fly or turn into statues, but the creatures that inspired the magic suit that turned Mario into a killer raccoon from Japanese mythology are real, and they don't need magic powers to invade Europe. Raccoon dogs -- which despite their raccoon-like aesthetic are primitive canines and not related to the raccoon -- are becoming more widespread throughout  Europe. Then again, it's kind of hard to have a problem with an invasion by a creature this charming.

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A Tanooki Suit Hoodie That Doesn’t Have the Tanooki’s Fabled Testicles

If you're really into legendary Japanese creatures that are famous for their enormous testicles, and want to emulate wearing their skin while also keeping warm, 80sTees has got the hoodie of your dreams. For just fifty bucks and a bit of patience, this Tanooki Suit hoodie can be yours.

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PETA Wants Mario to Get Rid of the Tanooki Suit Because It Is Fur

It looks like PETA is aiming their wrath cannon at video games once again, but instead of a relatively small developer like Team Meat, they've walked over the floating icon box, reloaded their cannon, and pressed the B trigger at Nintendo. PETA claims that when Mario puts on the Tanooki suit, rather than gaining the ability to turn into a statue, he gains the ability to support wearing fur. Like PETA did with Team Meat when they made Super Tofu Boy, they also made a game in response to the decades-old Tanooki suit, called Super Tanooki Skin 2D.

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