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How Stranger Things 2 Let Nancy, and Most of The Leading Ladies Down

Make like the 80's and screw your ladies over

After the first season built her up as a sharpshooting, trend-bucking badass, Nancy is mostly resigned to a C-plot that centers on a Twitter joke about Justice for Barb.

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Monday Cute: Funko Has Created an Adorable Stranger Things Plush

It is November, which means that everyone who really cares about Stranger Things 2 has already watched it. They've gone through the think pieces, and now the question is ... when are the new toys coming out? Well, Funko is here to let you know.

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Things We Saw Today: A Video Tour of Every Star Wars Video Game

IGN put together a super-cool montage of every Star Wars video game ever made. It's fun to see not only how video game technology has evolved over the years, but how the medium has helped to expand the Star Wars universe.

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UPDATED: Stranger Things Creators Added an Unscripted Kiss Specifically Because It Made Sadie Sink Uncomfortable

A kissing scene in Stranger Things 2 was only added after actress Sadie Sink got "so freaked out" at the prospect of one that Ross Duffer thought, "I gotta make her do it now..."

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The Spoilerific Stranger Things 2 Discussion

This is the spoiler-heavy part of our initial Stranger Things 2 coverage, where we can discuss all the meaningful, spoiler-ful developments and character arcs.

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Spoiler-Free Review: Stranger Things Grows and Changes in Season Two, But It’s Still Got All the Same Heart

The good news is that Stranger Things 2 is still pretty awesome. What flaws it has are rather similar to those of the first season, and while the plotting can feel too easy or slow, the characters' surprising growth and touching relationships more than compensate.

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Things We Saw Today: The Legends of Tomorrow Writers Have A Reminder About Trump and Sexual Assault

The Legends of Tomorrow writers' room recently tweeted a reminder that Donald Trump is unfit for any office.

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Things We Saw Today: Let’s Revel in All the Beautiful Art of the #SouthAsianArtists Hashtag

This world's a trash fire, so come escape into the beautiful and fantastic art of the #SouthAsianArtists hashtag.

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Final Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer Turns Things Up to Eleven

Sure, we love us some Winona Ryder, and we think the four lead boys on Netflix's Stranger Things are awesome and adorable, but we'd be lying if we said that we didn't have a clear other favorite character on the show. Imma let you finish, Barb, but Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven is the greatest character of all time, and this final trailer for Stranger Things Season 2 gives us the most Eleven yet. Check it out after the jump!

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Everything Coming to Netflix in October (But Mostly Stranger Things)

Hard to believe that September's already winding down and we're headed towards the height of fall—I'm anticipating pumpkin beer, cozy scarves, Halloween madness, and maybe picking an apple or two before going to the corn maze. But when we're inside, here's the new offerings Netflix will have to keep you entertained.

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