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Aw, Man: Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman Cancelled Among Others

According to DC Comics' 2015 December solicitations, Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman is officially cancelled. The December issue will be its last.

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Someone Made A My Girl Video Game, And It’s Devastating

Don't forget to put on glasses. You can't play without your glasses.

Some sick sadist has decided to help '90s babies relive the movie scene that, for many of us, may have been the first moment we understood the inherent injustice in life. The MyGirl web game gives players a chance to save little Macaulay Culkin from being stung to death by bees. Life is unfair though and death is forever: the game can't be beat.

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What Do Sad Cats Write About in Their Diaries? Find Out in This Video

I have a dog, and it's fun to imagine what he might be thinking because he's generally pretty pumped about every single thing that happens. Cats, however, always seem pretty miserable, so imagining what they're thinking would probably be really depressing. Ze Frank settled it once and for all and made this video of sad cat diary entries over pictures of sad cats. It's a little depressing, but it's also hilarious.

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Tearful Robber Holds Up Papa John’s for Money, Walks Away With Pizza Instead

The cardinal rule of any successful robbery -- whether it be a bank, store, or any other establishment carrying copious amounts of cash -- is to maintain control of one's emotions throughout the duration of the forced transaction until it is complete. In other words, do try to keep it cool. A neophyte robber in Helena, Montana failed to heed this adage when holding up a local Papa John's, turning what otherwise should have been a tense situation into an awkward one when he broke down and started bawling in front of the clerk and everyone waiting in line for pizza.

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Butter Scraped Over Too Much Bread: The Hobbit is Now a Trilogy

Today, Peter Jackson announced that The Hobbit would be stretched into not just two feature-length films, but three. That's right, The Hobbit will be a trilogy. The novel that is shorter than all three volumes of the Lord of the Rings will be adapted into three films. As a fan of Tolkien's novels and histories, and as a fan of Peter Jackson's films, let me say: This is not a good idea. Find out why after the jump.

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