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Funny Protest Signs and Serious Demands for Transparency at the March for Truth

The March for Truth was organized to demand a full and independent investigation into allegations of Trump's potential collusion with Russian interference in the 2016 election.

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Doctor Who Stands Up For Doctors, and More Highlights from the #MarchforScience

Today, to commemorate Earth Day and condemn the dangerous influence of climate change denial, scientists and their supporters marched all over the world.

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Check Out the Clever Signs and Boisterous Crowds from Today’s #TaxMarch

Protesters across the United States and the world organized Tax Marches, demanding that Trump release his tax returns, on April 15.

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[VIDEO] The Mary Sue Staff Joins the Women’s Marches in New York City, Los Angeles and Boston

This past weekend, people all over the world participated in Women's Marches, with the most notable march being the one in Washington, D.C. Many of us here at The Mary Sue also participated in these marches, as you can see in the video above!

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Sane or Not: The Site for Sanity Rally Signs

Are you disappointed that there's no way for you to make it to a certain Washington D.C. gathering? Maybe you're going, but can't think of any good slogans for a sign? Maybe you're bored and looking for something to occupy yourself for the rest of the day? Well then you could do worse than to head over to and submit and rank some signs. Who knows, maybe you'll even see somebody with your submission?

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