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This Mouse “Feels Just As Good In Your Hand As It Does On Your Body,” If You’re Into That

Chocolate and peanut butter. Pizza and beer. Sriracha and anything. The list of great tastes that taste great together just got a little bit longer with the introduction of the Massager Mouse. Yes, that is exactly what it sounds like -- a computer mouse that also functions as a personal massager. The mouse, which is currently showing at EroFame, Europe's premier trade show for adult toys -- and we're not talking tablet computers -- can help you click your way around a database, then switch gears at the press of a button to massage the stress out of sore muscles in your neck, shoulders and, uh, other parts.

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Roccat Power Grid Makes Smartphones a PC Gamer’s Best Friend

When it comes to console games, control schemes tend to be streamlined and efficient. After all, there are only so many things you can do with thumbsticks, triggers, and a handful of buttons. PC games, on the other hand, have the freedom to go completely buck-wild; you have a whole keyboard to deal with. As a Mechwarrior fan, I have to say I can appreciate the PC approach and can always use moar buttonz. Roccat knows where people like me are coming from, which is why they're working on the Power Grid app that can make your smartphone into a hyper-competent PC gaming sidekick.

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Be the Best Bro You Can Be: The Greatest Bros Icing Bros Peripherals

I'm sorry to say, but the Geekosystem offices are in mourning. It would take Nintendo introducing an 8DS for us to climb out of the trough of despair in which we find ourselves. Why are we so sad, you ask? Well, the website Bros Icing Bros, the site that brought us the beloved frat boy drinking game 'Icing', is currently down, replaced only by the cryptic message, "We had a good run, Bros..." It's like poetry, that. The Village Voice provides evidence that has been sold for a five-figure sum and will rise from the ashes like some kind of startup phoenix, but we know that the phenomenon will never be the same: Despite its humble beginnings, it may have just gone corporate. But it's not just some dumb fad! Icing will live on forever. ith that in mind, we present this list of potential Bros Icing Bros peripherals that will turn you into the greatest Bro who ever iced: The Überbro, if you will.

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