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Christian Friedel as Rudolf Höss in The Zone of Interest
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A soldier wears pink sunglasses and holds a machine gun in Civil War.
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'Scream' star Melissa Barrera at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival
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Benjamin Netanyahu against a blue background
Read Article There’s No Such Thing as a ‘Humanitarian’ Expulsion From Gaza
Gazans stand in the rubble of buildings in Khan Younis.
Read Article Jewish Women Chain Themselves to White House Gates To Protest Deaths of Almost 20K Gazans
18 elderly Jewish women hold up a banner in front of the White House reading, "Jewish Elders to Biden: Stop the Genocide, Ceasefire Now."
Read Article Jewish Activists Shut Down Freeway, Demanding Gaza Ceasefire
Jews hold up a banner that says "Jews say ceasefire now!" in the U.S. Capitol Building.
Read Article Jews Across U.S. Hold Hanukkah Rallies for Ceasefire
An oversized menorah with the word "ceasefire" written on it.
Read Article Texas Democrats Become the First Statewide Party To Call for a Ceasefire
A woman holds up a sign saying "stop bombing Gaza" at a protest.
Read Article Publishers Worldwide Make eBooks About Palestine Free for One Week
Person looking into a book over the phrase "Read Palestine Week."


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