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Northern Lights

Mellow Out With This Amazing Footage Of Northern Lights, Pan-STARRS Comet [Video]

Last month, we talked about how the "baby comet" C/2011 L4 was set to buzz the Earth. It was going to be visible to the naked eye, if you knew where to look and had clear skies. And Lil' 4, as I call it, didn't disappoint. It may have been young, but comet C/2011 L4 timed its flyby with northern lights in the skies of Norway two nights ago, and you can watch it now.

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Gorgeous Aurora Over Finland [Video]

As readers will recall, the sun has been pretty dang active as of late making this a particularly good year for spotting the Northern Lights. This video, shot by photographer Antti Pietikäinen, gives us a glimpse of the show over Muonio, Finland last night. These amazing lights were probably sparked by an M-class flare which shot out of the sun on March 8 from the same active region -- sunspot 1429 -- that spat out last weeks enormous X-class flare. I think I speak for all of us too far south to see the aurora when I say we're jealous.

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