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Brain Art Competition Puts A New Spin On Neuroscience

The human body has long been regarded as a work of art with renditions of the human form dating as far back as art itself. But new imaging techniques have put a different spin on the parts of the body that you can't normally see, taking organs like the brain from secret to sensational as they are better represented in art. The first ever Brain Art Competition was held this year, to celebrate and draw attention to improved imaging techniques in addition to the abstract ways better understanding of the brain can lead to artistic inspiration.

The brain child of Daniel Margulies of the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, the competition was organized by the Neuro Bureau, an online open neuroscience forum. The competition received 55 entries in four categories: 3-D brain renderings, representations of the brain's connections, abstract illustrations and humor. Twenty judges picked the best entry for each category, and the winners were announced at an event at the National Art Museum of Quebec on June 28th. In an interview with Scientific American, Marguiles said:
"This whole thing started out as a joke in a bar. We knew of other neuroimaging data competitions in our respective fields, and we wondered, 'What could we do that would bring everyone to the table, even artists?'"
Check out the artwork below.

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