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It’s Always Sunny in Germany: Fox News Fails to Grasp Solar Power Reality

Solar power is one of those divisive political issues that stereotypical Republicans hate and stereotypical Democrats love. Alternative energy in general falls pretty strictly down party lines, but solar power tends to receive the most flak. Government subsidies and the like are constantly talked about for one reason or another. Germany's producing a whole mess of solar energy, on the other and, and Fox & Friends apparently seems to think that it's because "they've got more sun than we do." One guess as to how accurate that statement is.

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Department of Energy Study Says U.S. Could Have 80% Renewable Power by 2050

A new study published by theĀ National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has some good news: Renewable power could contribute up to 80% of the nation's electricity needs by 2050 using existing, commercially available technology. Though the transition won't necessarily be easy, the report is a strong endorsement of expanding renewable power.

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