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The National Institute of Health Is Officially Ending its Chimpanzee Testing Program

According to Nature, National Institute of Health director Francis Collins made the controversial announcement on Monday that the Institute will officially no longer be performing "invasive biomedical research" on chimps.

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Everything You Need to Know About President Obama’s BRAIN Initiative

President Obama in his most recent State of the Union speech referenced commitments to science and technology, and shortly after the speech some details of a 10-year study of the human brain came out. The White House today announced the full official plan, calling it the BRAIN Initiative, which sounds like S.H.I.E.L.D's research division, but is now a real $110 million dollar project.

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Cellphone Brain Study Yields Results No One Understands

Another day, another researcher trying to determine whether your cellphone is slowly killing you. This time it's the National Institute of Health's neuroscientist Dr. Nora Volkow who tracked glucose consumption in the brain during prolonged periods of cellphone use. Volkow points out that her approach attempted to be more comprehensive than previous cellphone studies by using a larger test group, 47 people, and longer rates  of cellphone exposure. In her study, Volkow introduced radioactively marked glucose into the test subjects, and then observed how that glucose was used in the brain via PET scan. Her report indicates that the brain did indeed absorb more glucose on the side of the head where the phone was active, a 7% increase in one area. Now, before you encase your phone in lead, or reject society and flee to the woods, let's let another neuroscientist give us some perspective.

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