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The Eagle Huntress Documentary Flies High at Sundance, Will Be Made Into Animated Feature Starring Daisy Ridley

It looks like the documentary Daisy Ridley joined to Executive Produce that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival is about to soar even higher!

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Rare Celestial Optical Illusion Makes It Look Like Mongolia Has Three Suns

Sunshine high up passing through snow crystals is causing a pretty awesome illusion that makes it look like there are three suns on the Mongolian horizon.

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Yeah! Shake It, Baby: Feathered Dinosaurs Shook Tail Feathers in Courtship Rituals

There's a reason why, despite even the best of efforts, us human males egregiously fail at trying to attract the attention of our female counterparts -- and evolution's to blame. Lacking the colorful and hypnotic menagerie of feathers that our avian friends are fortunate to be sporting, humanity's male population has only succeeded in sealing its own fate in unrequited love, while birds continue to rub this sad fact in our faces on a regular basis. As if our situation couldn't get any worse than it is now, recent fossil evidence has shown that feathered dinosaurs known as Oviraptors -- hailing from Mongolia -- had nearly the same kind of tail end plumage akin to their modern cousins, even going as far as having the ability to shake them about and get a potential mate to notice the exotic dance number. Great, now even dinosaurs are starting to get a superiority complex.

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Mongolian Nomads Build a Yurt in an Hour, You Can Watch It in Two Minutes [Video]

Being a Mongolian nomad, it may not surprise you that Shagdarsuren Herelchuluun and family can build a ger (or more commonly known by the Russian "yurt") in just over an hour. But thanks to the impressive time-lapse filming of Dan Grossman, you can watch the entire process in just over two minutes. Watching them put the home together, and the seeing the natural beauty of the surrnounding Lake Hovsgol area, makes me feel like a rube for paying rent.

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