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Attention, LOST Fans: Full PaleyFest Videos are Up

More than a few LOSTies looked on jealously this past weekend as LOST‘s cast and creators addressed a sold-out audience at PaleyFest 2010, the Paley Center For Media’s annual television festival.

But fortunately, YouTube to the rescue: Nickelodeon lighting supervisor Patrick Krebs has posted full video of this past weekend’s panel discussion. Warning: LOST spoilers ensue.

The LOST team discusses the writing room and how it works. Believe it or not, episodes of LOST are actually written in advance.

Damon Lindelof follows up on the uncanniness of plot.

Real-life Richard Alpert Nestor Carbonell was just as surprised as TV Richard Alpert to discover that John Locke was actually a terrifying smoke monster.

There’s plenty more PaleyFest video action where that came from on Patrick Krebs’ YouTube channel, although the rest is currently unlabeled. Sidenote: it is really weird seeing Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson just chillin’ together.

For those of you who place no value whatsoever on delaying gratification, io9 has a nice summary of what will — and won’t — be revealed in the final eight episodes of LOST, as per the panel’s PaleyFest answers.

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