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Hear That? It’s Probably Maggots Feasting On Your Brain

I'm sorry, I just assumed you were done with eating forever.

In a cautionary tale that reminds you never to go anywhere unfamiliar ever, a British woman back from a trip to Peru was told her assumed ear infection was actually maggots digging through her ear canal and devouring her flesh like yesterday's hamburger.

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Flies Raised On Booze Need Alcohol To Learn, Just Like College Students

Fly larvae -- fine, maggots -- that are raised on food spiked with alcohol grow up into flies who can't learn normally without the aid of a little booze juice, marking yet another way in which maggots are pretty much just like college students. A study demonstrating the difficulties maggots experienced while trying to process new information without the aid of a morning beer to take the edge off things appears this week in the journal Current Biology, which reminds us that keg stands are not always recreational choices -- sometimes they are educational tools.

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