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Here Are the Amazing Images of Last Night’s Supermoon Eclipse in Case You Missed It

Pics or it didn't happen.

Last night, the Moon's closest approach to Earth in its orbit coincided with a total lunar eclipse—which won't happen again for 18 years—for an impressive show in the sky, and we've got the pics to prove it.

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Here’s How to Watch This Weekend’s “Supermoon” Total Lunar Eclipse

Go outside. Look up.

"Supermoons" aren't all that special in themselves—the Moon simply appears slightly larger than normal—but when one coincides with a lunar eclipse this weekend, North American skywatchers are still in for a treat. Best of all, it won't come at some crazy early-morning hour that you'll "forget" to set your alarm for like some other astronomical events.

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Gorgeous Red Moon From This Weekend's Eclipse

This spectacular image by photographer Joseph Brimacombe shows the moon in a startling bl0od-red color this weekend during a total eclipse. The Universe Today explains the coloration this way:
The red tint of the Moon during an eclipse is caused by sunlight passing through Earth’s atmosphere, in effect projecting the colors of all the world’s sunsets onto the Moon’s near face.

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Longest Lunar Eclipse in 100 Years [Video]

If you happened to look up last night, you may have caught a once in one-hundred-year experience. Last night's lunar eclipse, unassuming as any other, was actually the longest lunar eclipse to have taken place in the past century. In case you were busy sleeping or just weren't gazing into the starry abyss, here's a time lapse video you can watch without standing outside in the middle of the night. (via Youtube)

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Imagine Jupiter Filling the Entire Sky [Video]

After being inspired by the recent lunar eclipse, Brad Goodspeed wondered what the sky would look like if the planets in our universe were as close to Earth as the moon is and revolved around us. And it would probably amaze us while, at the same time, scaring the crap out of us. Imagine if he'd included all 63 of Jupiter's moons? Ouch. (Click through to watch in HD.) (BradBlogSpeed via Neatorama)

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Time-Lapse Video of Last Night’s Lunar Eclipse

Last night presented an ultra-rare treat for astronomy buffs: Not only was there a total lunar eclipse beginning at about 12:30am EST, but the eclipse coincided with the arrival of the winter solstice for the first time in 372 years. Shooting from Gainesville, Florida, William Castleman created the above time-lapse video of last night's eclipse, condensing the lunar action from 1:10 AM EST to 5:03 AM EST into 2 minutes. See also: NASA's gorgeous photo of the eclipse. (via Gawker TV)

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On December 21st, There Will Be A Total Lunar Eclipse

American readers, this is for you.  Sorry, everyone else.  In the beginning of next week the entire continent of the Americas will be treated to a total lunar eclipse in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.  I guess the good news for the Eastern hemisphere is that the Fire Nation is less likely to attack. Okay, not that wee, really, it's going to start at 12:30 AM EST, when the moon is about halfway across the sky.  We don't know about you, but 12:30 Tuesday morning is still basically Monday night for us.  If you live further west, it'll happen on Monday regardless of your own internal clock.

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