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Leopard and 10 Month Old Cub Steal a GoPro Camera and Leave It in a Bush

Lemme take a selfie real quick.

Imagine that you are lying helplessly on the ground while an adorable leopard violently sinks its teeth into your flesh and carries you away into the bushes. But it's okay! You're a mounted GoPro camera in this scenario, so you probably won't get eaten.

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Chinese Zoo Tries to Pass Off Dogs as Lions, Leopards, Timberwolves

Okay, that last one is kind of close, but still, come on, guys.

Weekend at Bernie's: silly movie, not a challenge in outlandishness. Seems pretty obvious. Yet one zoo didn't seem to think so. They decided to just tell everyone that a dog was a lion, because no one could figure it out unless it started barking or something, because people are stupid. So, insightful readers: three guesses what happened next.

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Pneupard Is The World’s Noisiest, Least Intimidating Air-Powered Robotic Leopard [Video]

If you want to build a better robot, it makes sense to start with an animal -- after all, nature was been building creatures way longer than we've been at it, so why not start with something that's already proven to be a reliable design? Cue Pneupard, a robotic leopard being designed by the robotics team at Osaka University and driven by compressed air. The design is still a prototype right now -- you can see it limping along in the video below -- but it does sport some pretty impressive artificial muscles, while the compressed air that drives it is a big step forward for a new way of powering the next generation of robots.

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Can You Grab Me a Beer, Grandma? I'm Busy Playing With Knives [Video]

Submitted for your approval, a man playing with a butterfly knife in front of a picture of a cheetah, or maybe it's a leopard. He dances deftly to a kicky tune. His shirt is tucked in and his kicks are as white as the new-fallen snow when suddenly, an elderly woman appears on the scene with an ice cold brew. Who is this man? Who is this lady? Is that beer cold? Are you not phased by this at all? It could be that you are living in...

The YouTube Zone.

(via reddit)

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Survey Method Shows That A Throw of the Dice Makes People More Honest

In general, the smart criminals among us know that the basic elements of getting away with an illegal act is to deny personal involvement. The old, "it wasn't me" defense. But there are many circumstances where researchers and policy makers need accurate data about criminal acts in order to better understand how to prevent them from happening, in addition to understanding their magnitude. One such instance is the illegal killing of leopards in South Africa. So, how can you get people to own up to the crimes they have committed? Researchers from Bangor University in the UK have a solution: Get the suspected criminal to throw dice. Led by Freya St John and Julia Jones, researchers have tested a randomized response technique based on throwing dice to get more accurate information from the public about the number of illegal leopard killings that take place in South Africa.

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