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Aubrey Plaza Is Playing Mind Games in the New Legion Teaser

In a new teaser for Season Two of Legion, Aubrey Plaza assures us all that the first season was "all a projection of your subconscious, nothing more." 

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Things We Saw Today: Gal Gadot On Why She Ignored James Cameron’s Wonder Woman Comments

We knew Gal Gadot was wonderful in many ways, but add "classy as hell" to the list. The Wonder Woman superstar addressed James Cameron's unasked for opinions and explained why she stayed out of it.

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Legion Unsurprisingly Renewed for Second Season

"You have an extremely large amygdala."

Expect even more episodes because the show has been picked up for a second season.

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Take Backsies: Patrick Stewart Wouldn’t Mind Appearing as Professor X on Legion

Don't be so quick to say goodbye to Patrick Stewart's Professor X, as it seems like the actor can't resist all the Marvel-related content coming out in the future.

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[VIDEO] TMS Reviews Legion Chapter 1: A Trippy New Take on the X-Men Universe

Hello there, Legion fans. TMSers Keisha Hatchett and Charline Jao have gathered to discuss the new FX series Legion, based on the Marvel comic. If you haven’t already watched the first episode, promptly exit and then return to this post when you do because there will spoilers floating about. If you have, carry on and don’t forget to drop a comment below.

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Things We Saw Today: David Tennant Promises “It’s All Going to Be Okay”

David Tennant offered words of comfort--and a call to action, on the TV show The Last Leg. "It’s all going to be okay," he said. "Trust me, I’m a Doctor. But it’s up to us to make it okay."

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FX’s Legion Focuses on the Core Tenets of X-Men: It’s a Story for Those Who “Are Suppressed or Marginalized”

Legion plans to be a standalone story, although it will definitely share some themes in common with the X-Men universe.

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The Latest Legion Trailer Introduces Us to the Voices In David Haller’s Head

FX's Legion looks confusing already. But not necessarily in a bad way.

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FX’s X-Men TV Show, Legion, Will Be Part of the X-Men Movie Canon … Sort Of

Is FX's new X-Men TV show Legion part of the X-Men movie canon, or not? Bryan Singer says yes, but the FX creative team says no.

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Things We Saw Today: Every New Trailer You Might’ve Missed From Comic-Con

Plus exciting casting announcements!

There are a LOT of trailers that get released as part of San Diego Comic-Con (got to build the hype, after all, the hype!) and since it might have been easy for you to miss out on some of them, we decided to use today's TWST to round up all those pesky trailers into one place so you can check them out for yourself.

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Amber Midthunder & Jeremie Harris Join the Cast of Legion, FX’s X-Men TV Spin-Off

Amber Midthunder, who has previously appeared on the TV show Banshee, has just landed a role in FX's X-Men spin-off TV show, Legion. Jeremie Harris of A Walk Among the Tombstones and Blue Bloods has also recently joined the cast.

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Aubrey Plaza, Dan Stevens, Jean Smart Join FX’s X-Men Spinoff, Legion


Aubrey Plaza, Dan Stevens, and Jean Smart were just recently announced as the newest additions to the cast of FX's Legion, an X-Men spinoff television show.

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Rachel Keller of Fargo Has Earned the Female Lead in Legion, an X-Men TV Drama

Rachel Keller, best known for playing Simone on the Fargo TV series, has been tapped for the female lead in another upcoming TV drama -- and this one will take place in the world of X-Men.

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