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Jones Soda Graces Canada With Limited Edition Poutine-Flavored Soda

Depending on your feelings when it comes to the oft-maligned poutine, the traditionally Canadian dish of french fries and cheese curds topped with brown gravy, this next bit of news could go one way or the other: Jones Soda is officially bringing a limited edition poutine-flavored soda to market. If that's just too much for you, take solace in the fact that it's only coming to Canada. For now.

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We Taste Test a Jones Soda Thanksgiving Holiday Pack From Seven Years Ago

Here at Geekosystem, a few of us have been fascinated with the often times eccentric Jones Soda for quite a while. Along with the normal staples of root beer, cream soda, and fufu berry (which, if we're counting that as normal, one can probably discern just how weird Jones is), Jones has delved into flavor madness and released some truly unique sodas in their time. From the delicious berry lemonade, to the surprisingly good green apple, to the love-it-or-hate-it blue bubblegum, Jones doesn't just stick with normal cola and lemon-lime flavors. Over the years, they've released extremely odd experimental flavors, usually in the form of limited edition holiday packs. One of the most notorious packs is the 2005 Thanksgiving Holiday Pack, which contains five sodas flavored to match a full course Thanksgiving dinner. We managed to snag a sealed package, and despite being around seven years old, we braved the Brussels sprout, wild herb stuffing, and turkey and gravy sodas just for you. Impressions below.

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This is a Minecraft Wedding, Complete With Minecraft Jones Sodas

Not content with a regular, fancy wedding, possibly outside somewhere in the rolling English countryside, Matt and Asia went for a Minecraft wedding instead. The couple met through their church -- Matt says he fell for Asia while watching her dance -- but they bonded while playing everyone's favorite blocky build 'em up. At MineCon, Matt proposed to Asia, so it's only fitting that the couple have a Minecraft wedding, complete with loaned props from MineCon, as well as Minecraft Jones Soda. Check out pictures of their pixelated wedding after the break.

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This Exists: Dungeons & Dragons Soda

Jones Soda is currently promoting a limited-edition series of Dungeons & Dragons sodas, in flavors like "Potion of Healing," "Dwarven Draught," "Illithid Brain Juice," "Sneak Attack," "Eldritch Blast," and "Bigby’s Crushing Thirst Destroyer." Tellingly, "Potion of Healing" is the only one that's sugar-free.

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