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This Exists: Dungeons & Dragons Soda

Jones Soda is currently promoting a limited-edition series of Dungeons & Dragons sodas, in flavors like “Potion of Healing,” “Dwarven Draught,” “Illithid Brain Juice,” “Sneak Attack,” “Eldritch Blast,” and “Bigby’s Crushing Thirst Destroyer.” Tellingly, “Potion of Healing” is the only one that’s sugar-free.

While these don’t have the sheer, all-consuming ridiculousness of the “Potion,” “Dissidia,” and “Elixir” beverages that Square Enix put out to promote Final Fantasy XII, Dissidia, and Final Fantasy XIII, respectively, they are pretty nifty.

Obligatory Potion commercial from back in the day, in which two people competing over a soft drink deal thousands of points worth of damage to one another using vicious elemental attacks:

(Boing Boing via Underwire)

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