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Pacific Rim 2 Is a Go, Daredevil Director Steven DeKnight Earns Guillermo del Toro Approval

Are you ready, gang? After so much back and forth, it seems like Pacific Rim 2 has finally been confirmed, complete with a brand spanking new director.

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Benedict Cumberbatch is Officially Doctor Strange, Says Marvel


It's not a rumor from Deadline this time. There's a press release and everything. It's happening.

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Today In Marvel News: A New Writer and Maybe Star For Doctor Strange, and a Standalone Hulk Movie?


Some hints for the new actor rumored to play Doctor Strange: Like previous rumor subjects Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy, he is a white fella. And he's an Oscar winner. No, it's not Alan Arkin. Why did your brain even go there?

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Universal Hires Hunger Games Writer for Their Mummy Remake In Case The Writer They Already Have Doesn’t Work Out

Oh Hollywood

So, you remember how Underworld's Len Wiseman is directing a Mummy remake? I don't blame you if you don't; since the news broke last September we've heard virtually nothing about it. But today there's a curious tidbit from of Vulture: Though the movie already has one screenwriter, Universal has hired another screenwriter to pen a second, competing script. That writer? The Hunger Games' Billy Ray So, are the two writers going to fight to the death to get their version made, or…?

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Universal Taps Underworld Director to Reboot The Mummy


We here at The Mary Sue don't exactly hide our love for the Brendan Fraser/Rachel Weisz era of the The Mummy. After all, Evie Carnahan is one of our favorite Action Librarians. They're action/horror movies that didn't really seem to be made for any reason other than to show the audience a good time, and if they had some outdated tropes and clichés in them, at least it seemed like it was part of a conscious attempt to make a comedy that referenced another era of adventure film, not an unconscious one. Which is why we're a little sad to hear that that Len Wiseman, the guy behind Underworld, is Universal's choice to make their Hammer Horror monster into a brand new franchise. See Rachel Weisz face up there, Universal? That's the face we're making.

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