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Minecraft 1.8 Has Been Leaked

Sometime this afternoon a more-or-less stable version of Minecraft 1.8 was leaked on to these great wide webs. The update, which has been long-awaited by fans of the game, will add several new features to the Minecraft experience. Including new terrain, lighting engines, and the terrifying Endermen. There is some chatter on Reddit that the leak may be intentional. Considering that the file is available from a Mojang domain, specifically at, and that earlier today developer Jens Bergensten said he would be uploading the game for "expert users." That, and the fact that Mojang founder Notch is encouraging people to report the bugs they find, makes this sound fairly legit. Regardless of the motivation behind the leak, all accounts are that the game is still buggy. I'll see if I can resist running it myself, but I doubt that will last. (via @notch)

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Sneak Peak at the Forthcoming Minecraft Pets

Minecraft will soon be getting significantly cuter soon, with the addition of the new wolf mob. Originally conceived during a discussion Minecraft creator Notch had at GDC, Minecraft developer Jens Bergensten has been dropping little hints about the new pet mob. Today, Bergensten tweeted out a link to this video, which shows the wolves frolicking about and gives us some hints as to how these will work in game. Head on past the break for details.

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Minecraft Beta Rare Secret Revealed

When indie smash hit Minecraft finally hit beta a few days ago, the game's developer, Notch, said there was a super secret rare item added to the update. The update's patch notes stated that the secret rare item was more rare than wearable cloaks that only Mojang employees could obtain, which, considering said cloaks are unobtainable by regular players, made the secret rare item pretty darn rare indeed. This, of course, sent Minecraft players into an exploration frenzy, causing them to meticulously explore the game world, as well as search through the game's texture files.

Well, it turns out the secret rare item is a player skin that only one person, musician Deadmau5, is able to obtain and is only viewable on said player's server. Notch confirmed this on Twitter, by answering this question with this response. This was confirmed again by another Mojang employee, Jens Bergensten. Read past the jump for a screenshot of Bergensten's confirmation, as well as a screenshot of a neat Christmas surprise available to players.

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