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Sneak Peak at the Forthcoming Minecraft Pets

Minecraft will soon be getting significantly cuter soon, with the addition of the new wolf mob. Originally conceived during a discussion Minecraft creator Notch had at GDC, Minecraft developer Jens Bergensten has been dropping little hints about the new pet mob. Today, Bergensten tweeted out a link to this video, which shows the wolves frolicking about and gives us some hints as to how these will work in game. Head on past the break for details.

The wolves will move in a pack that follows the player. When the player attacks another mob, the wolves surge forward and attack the mob for you. They will apparently also attack mobs that attack you. The wolves can be fed, and sit obediently afterward. Interestingly, they notice when you have bones or food and their behavior appears to change slightly — cocking their heads, and watching you until you unequip the food item.

Wolf mobs will appear wild in the game, and be either neutral or aggressive. Notch has written on his blog that wolves will be fairly rare, but will not de-spawn after you “tame” them. In the clip above, Bergensten demonstrates how feeding a bone to a wild wolf tames it in a cloud of hearts and affection. Once tamed, the wolf sports a red collar and will follow the player.

There is currently no limit to the number of wolves a player can have, though this will surely change before they are released in a final version.

The addition of wolves continues the expanding natural world of Minecraft, which increased dramatically in diversity in the 1.3 update of the game. Though the new trees were very nice and the squid were, uh, interesting, the wolf will be a new, more player-interactive mob.

They are also completely adorable. Did you see how they shake after getting wet? Unbearably cute. Whenever they finally arrive in-game, this full-grown man will be inches from his computer screen saying things like, “Look at the puppy! Look at the cute little dog, awwww.”

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